How to increase Girth of Penis

Ways To Increase Girth Of Penis.

The desire of men for bigger things is easily understood. And the interest in certain procedures that claim or promise bigger things is a natural reaction. The proliferation of products, devices, exercise programs and other procedures that are often risky is overwhelming. The empty promises of increasing male size and the lack of scientific proof to back them up are apparent as well as the obvious risks involved. However, these truths are often overlooked by many people. The desire to enhance the male asset seems to be a more important concern than health. However, there are some offers that appear to be more legitimate than others including stretches that increase the girth of the penis.

A common way of stretching makes use of a device called stretcher. Also known as the extender, a stretcher is a commonly used male enhancement device for a bigger male asset. When worn, the extender causes traction in the male area. The applied traction causes penile cells to break apart and expand when reformed. The idea is the more the device is worn, and the longer the amount of time it is used, the more centimeters gained.

In 2002, the International Journal of Impotence Research put in print the effectiveness of the device in enhancing the male asset. It published that the length of use and time in using the device yields bigger results. And in 2009, the British Journal of Urology published the findings of Paolo Gontero from the University of Turin which supports the previous study. Moreover, it is believed to be a safe way to increase the size and penile girth. Unlike other male enhancement products and procedures that may cause side effects, the extender claims to have zero risks.

Exercise programs involving stretches that increase the girth of the penis are also dominant. The most common exercise of this kind is Jelqing or milking. The technique used by Jelqing is similar to milking hence the name. The penis is wrapped around by the thumb and the index fingers resembling an OK position. One hand constricts the penis to let the blood flow concentrate in the area and then stroking in a forward motion is applied until the hands reach the glans. Jelqing is performed by applying a warm wrap first. The warm wrap makes sure that heat penetrates the area.

After five minutes of warm wrapping, the penis should be relaxed and ready for the exercise but before that lubricant should be rubbed onto the penis as well. The stroking motion causes friction and to lessen friction and avoid skin irritation and redness, a lubricant is necessary. The exercise should be performed when the penis is in a partially erectile position. The speed of the stroke should be constant and maintained for more than three seconds per stroke or Jelqs. To achieve positive results, at least three hundred Jelqs should be performed every day. In a matter of two months, the bigger results should be evident.

For men who desire bigger assets, the temptation of male enhancement products and procedures is hard to ignore. But before one should give in, make sure that the method selected is not only effective but also safe. A careful evaluation is advisable.

How to Increase Girth of Penis With Helping Hands.

To solve problems with the size, most men resort to medications and tablets. Some of them are braver when considering the operation, while others are more conservative and instead opt for the exercise method. Most exercise methods are designed to increase the length of the asset. However, a large number of men are already satisfied with their length. What they want is an increase in the size of their girth. Apparently, a wider asset causes more pleasure in women than for larger ones.

Many online resources provide information on increasing the length of the penis. However, there appears to be a shortage of resources that demonstrate how to increase the girth of the penis. There are methods of exercises that claim that they respond to the need to increase the girth and increase the length, and Jelqing – one. Usually called milking, Jelqing uses a combined technique of constriction and stroking. In the exercise, one arm is used as a compressing device to force blood to flow into the penis, while the other arm is used to push or pull the penis forward toward the head. Using grease to reduce friction during ironing and warm wrapping to minimize and help heal skin rupture or damage, Jelqing promises to be an effective exercise that will undoubtedly increase the circumference of the penis. And in two months there should be an obvious greater result.

Although the exercise seems simple, some things are visible not only to improve efficiency but also to protect oneself from damage and health risks. Some important factors that need to be noted are the level of erection, grip, angle, and position and stroking movement.

Level of erection. When Jelqing, the penis should be in the half-line position. It is believed that the higher the level of erection during exercise, the greater the effect of increasing the size of the girth. The recommended level of erection, which should be maintained, is at least 40-50%.

Lever. There is still no standard capture position. It is important that the hand can compress or regulate and cause the blood to penetrate the area of ​​the penis. We recommend a different style and intensity of capture. To increase the intensity of capture is highly recommended because this not only helps increase the girth. It can also avoid detection as a result of exercise.

Angle and position. Another important factor is the angle and position. The results will be determined by increasing or decreasing the angle of the penis during exercise. For an enlarged girth purpose, the position of the angle of the penis and the OK handle (recommended and index finger wrapped around the penis) are recommended. Also, the constant exercise Jelqing has a direct effect on internal pressure.

Heating. The stroking speed must be constant. For this, it is recommended to count the number of measures with the help of a timer.

In any physical exercise, it is important not only to study the step-by-step procedure. It is also necessary how to do it correctly. Similarly, by studying how to increase the circumference of the penis, the principles and subtleties of the procedure are just as important.

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