How to get a bigger penis naturally

If you have been wondering how to get a bigger penis and harder erections naturally, let me tell you that you can do so with highly effective and safe methods. These methods are not only safe and provide natural penile enhancement but are also clinically approved and tested.Methods such as exercises and traction devices have been able to shatter the myth that penis enlargement is not possible. It is because of the effectiveness of such methods that more and more men are opting for male enhancement.

Fortunately, there are many solutions in the market that can help enhance sex life. But when it comes to getting a bigger penis, not all deliver what they promise. That is why many men often ask about the best and quickest way on how to get a bigger penis.

There are a lot of means in increasing your penis length and girth today, and each comes with its pros and cons. There’s the subject on the budget, and whether or not it can easily fit into your hectic lifestyle.An effective step on how to get a bigger penis is phalloplasty or reconstruction of the penis. But because this involves surgery, not many men are willing to take the big step. And besides, the cost itself is enough to turn most men off.

Another option on how to get a bigger penis is to use high-quality traction devices of penis extenders. In this method, you use a device to apply constant pressure to your penis, little by little every day. Through time, it will increase in size and even straighten bends and curves. This science is also used in other cosmetic procedures involving the extremities and is in fact also used by tribes in extending their necks and earlobes. However, it is also an expensive option and not many men like the idea of having something encasing their penis when they sleep.

These exercises are called Jelqs and form an intrinsic part of male enhancement. Jelqs are performed on a partial erection by gripping the base of the penis between your index finger and the thumb and running your hand slowly down the shaft stopping just before the penis head. This movement is repeated and again, and you gradually increase the number of repetitions as and when your body gets used to it. However, there are a couple of precautions you must observe when performing these exercises.

For instance, it is extremely important to do a warm up by wrapping a warm towel or cloth over your genitals before starting with these exercises. Secondly, it is important that you apply some oil to the genitals and your hand at the onset, etc.. Furthermore, some men find that pubic hair prevents them from getting a firm grip at the base of the shaft. Besides, there is always a risk of pulling hair that can be extremely painful. As such, it is better to trim your pubic hair or shave them altogether.

Exercises that are called Jelqs are not something new but what makes them highly credible is that they now clinically approved to work and enhance your penile growth. When you perform these exercises on a regular basis in a prescribed way, they help expand the erectile tissue so that it can hold a larger volume of blood resulting in longer and thicker erections.

Similar is the effect of using a traction device. Once you wear the device, it begins applying gentle pressure along the length of the shaft through traction. Your erectile tissue is highly sensitive to this pressure and responds by expanding in size to be able to hold a larger volume of blood.Though both these methods are highly effective, tissue growth takes time. As such combining two methods or products is highly recommended to ensure faster penile growth.

For instance, you can combine exercises with a traction device or perform exercises along with taking natural pills. Natural pills help boost blood flow to the genitals as well as help relax penile muscles to allow more blood into the erectile tissue ensuring harder and firmer erections. Moreover, such pills also enhance the force with which blood is pumped into the shaft which further expands the erectile tissue thereby aiding in the growth process.Over and above, such a combination also ensures enhanced libido and a great improvement in your ejaculatory control so that you can enjoy prolonged sex.

Another product that has been gaining a lot of popularity is penile patches. These patches are also herbal what makes them more effective is that they are based on Transdermal technology. What it means is that once a patch is applied to your skin, it releases all its herbal ingredients directly into the bloodstream, unlike pills that have to go through your stomach to reach the bloodstream. This makes patches even more potent and effective. Combining patches and exercises helps you enhance the pace of penile growth and improve your sexual performance manifolds.

The average penis is 6.5 inches long and most men are unhappy with that and the performance level it brings them. Men and their partners deserve better, more and a more satisfying sexual experience. There are products to help with this very problem, but before choosing the one right for you, it’s important to find out the facts and read reviews.

Among the many different products boasting penis enlargement, there are two major ways to enhance your penis in a more natural way avoiding the pills, creams, and surgery. The two products are penis enlargement devices and exercises. In looking around, you’ll find many different programs and systems for both of these solutions and it may be hard to determine which is the right one for you. So, to help you decide, let’s talk about both a little more in-depth.

Penis enlargement exercises require no chemicals, pills or other products in ingesting and therefore no side effects. The exercises are also a good match for those who don’t understand or aren’t comfortable with the penis enlargement devices available. The exercises can be done anytime when you have some free time in the comfort of your space. They are easy to do and claim to offer the same benefits as other penis enlargement products. With this system, you have no additional products to buy down the line and only invest once in the entire system to use.

Penis enlargement devices are a little different. They work as part of a system with pills to permanently enlarge the penis by breaking down and allowing re-growth of the tissue that forms the penis. The devices slowly, carefully and painlessly stretches the penis breaking the existing tissue and then you allow time for the tissue to rebuild itself, which is part of what the pills encourage.

Both are interesting options to consider and many things should be taken into account before investing time and money into either system. Always take the time to talk with your doctor before starting any new regime that effects your body or mind and make sure the product you are considering come with a guarantee or refund policy of some kind.

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