What Foods Help Boost Libido

Life can be pretty monochromatic without sex, and sometimes the urge to spice up things with your partner is just missing. That doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you, sex change is heavily dependent on the lifestyle you adopt. Sometimes, a simple diet change can set things straight. This statement immediately begs the question – “What do I eat to boost my libido?”. The good news is that certain fruits and vegetables have been scientifically proven to boost libido and enhance sex drive in many individuals. Let’s look at these food items one by one and analyze you can incorporate them into your daily diet:

1. Truffles

Expensive, but second to none. Truffles are widely recognized for a pheromone called androstenol – it is something male pigs secrete to attract females. Humans secrete it too, only at lower levels. Truffles also exhibit a musky scent, and experts believe that this scent lights fire to our sexual instincts again. You don’t really need to cook a dish to consume truffles, they can be consumed in their raw form. Or you could even choose to add thin slices of white truffles on top of your favorite pizza next time.

2. Avocado

Regular consumption of avocados not only helps build up libido but also instills a large amount of energy within you. Avocados are rich in almost all kinds of nutrients – vitamin B6, vitamin E, folic acid and even monounsaturated fats. Moreover, they are also known to increase oxygen levels and blood flow to your reproductive organs. Mash a bunch of avocados and add them to your sandwich instead of mayonnaise or cheese. You could also have them raw, but your taste buds won’t be impressed.

3. Watermelon 

Watermelons not only taste great but also researchers have also unearthed some really essential nutrients such as citrulline, beta-carotene, and lycopene in them. These are medically called Phytonutrients and are great for sexual enhancement. The combination is so good that people are now terming this fruit a natural viagra. Let’s not forget, melons also have a lot of water in them, so your body stands to benefit from hydration too. Nothing like having watermelon every night after a busy day – cooling your blood vessels and enhancing libido for a steamy night! Plus, watermelons are also beneficial if you’re suffering from other disorders like erectile dysfunction.

4. Sweet Potato

Did you know that a majority of women are attracted to men who have great skin? A sweet potato every day is bound to make your skin glow! Sweet potatoes have a distinct orange color due to the presence of beta carotene and are super rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. These two vitamins form the crux of all anti aging products, as they produce energy boosting iron, potassium, and anti aging collagen. Sweet potatoes are also great for dealing with high blood pressure. For those in the dark, high blood pressure contributes heavily to erectile dysfunction. Steam them in a pressure cooker for that softish texture and sprinkle some cinnamon – that’s a mouth watering, libido enhancing treat right there!

5. Almonds

Here is another great snack that can be consumed anytime, anywhere. Roast them, salt them, eat them raw, who cares? Whatever the case, you will surely be blessed with plenty of zinc. It is the ultimate sex mineral. It is not a short term fix as it helps in the production of testosterone as well. Did you know that men who are suffering from low testosterone levels are actually lacking equally in zinc? That is a correlation, not a coincidence. Almonds are also rich in selenium, something that boosts sperm count.

6. Fish Oil

Lack of Omega-3 fatty acids can also be the reason for the downfall of your sex life. This can even lead you to depression, and eventually – erectile dysfunction. However, consuming a decent amount of fish oil on a daily basis should set you right. While it is true that vitamins and above-listed fruits and vegetables can increase libido, but none can effectively supply you with Omega-3 fatty acids and these acids have a big say in determining the quality of your sex life. Consider other alternatives too – like eating a freshly cooked salmon.

7. Sesame Seeds

For those who dislike oysters, sesame seeds are a great alternative. People always look for food options that involve zero prep time, and sometimes budget is also a concern. Sesame seeds are perfect no matter how you look at them. They don’t need to be cooked, you can just sprinkle them on your meal and best of all they don’t cost a bomb. Sesame seeds are rich in zinc, and zinc is proven to be an effective libido booster. On a side note, you can also consume tahini – a special condiment that’s made out of sesame seeds.

8. Strawberries 

They just had to be on the list! Strawberries plain awesome for your taste buds and sex life. They are known to improve blood circulation, especially to your nether parts. The seeds present inside the fruit are of the essence. It is in these seeds that core vitamins and minerals like zinc are present. So be sure not to throw these seeds away, you need to ingest it all. While it’s true that eating too many of these can make you gain a lot of weight (due to the presence of fructose), you can iron out these side effects with a workout regime. After all, when your primary objective is to gain traction in your sex life, might as well hit the gym. You can also eat raspberries – they are pretty much the same.


A good mix of the above fruits and vegetables in your daily diet should see you return to back to the glory days. If you do manage to go that extra mile and cook full fledged dishes with these food items, there is a lot to gain in all aspects of your health – including blood circulation and better skin. However, if your bustling corporate life keeps you from spending too much time on other stuff, the least you can do is sprinkle some tahini on your meals and expect a steady rise in libido.

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